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There are many meetings in town which focus on recovery and the fellowship of others.
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We recently were awarded a grant by the West Texas Area Foundation,
view this beautiful testimony to how God works here: NEWS STORY

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Meetings/Groups ... Come fellowship with us:

    All meetings/groups will be held at the BHIVE Clubhouse:
    2102 49th (the corner of 49th & Ave U)
    Next door to the Lighthouse Baptist Church.

  • Sunday @ 7:00 PM | Worship and Bible study
  • Monday @ 7 PM | Rusty's Group (*Now streamed Live via facebook*)
  • Tuesday @ 8 PM | Big Book Study
  • Friday @ 8 PM | Friday Night Meeting and Fellowship
  • Saturday @ 8 PM | Candlelight

  • Come early and stay late for some fellowship!

    Just remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Lao Tzu) - and it is ALWAYS the first step that is the hardest. All you need to do is put the one little toe on the path, and then it begins.

    Sunday Night Group (7:00 PM ) description by: Micah Lester:

    • Getting Real: Intimacy with God
    • Who HE is and our identity in HIM
    • Sermon on the mount - Walking it out
    • Red Letters
    • HIS relentless pursuit of us and our response

    • Highlights by Rusty Fuller from Monday night group:

      • "Be the person you look for in others."
      • "God always comes through- His timing is just different from ours."
      • K+E=W (Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom)
      • "Are you truly living?"
      • "What are your core truths in life? What is true for you?"
      • "What are you conscious of today?"
      • "Do you trust Him?"
      • "The enemy's primary objectives are to: distract, delay and deceive "
      • "Do you have an awareness of your need for God?"
      • "Why is life worth living for you?"
      • "Feelings are manifestations of your thoughts."
      • "Change your thoughts - change your feelings."
      • "What conversations are you having with God?"
      • "The main problem centers in the mind."
      • "Remember you have things now that you once prayed for - keep your perspective in check."
      • "What is being placed in your path today to make you wake up?!"
      • "What is keeping you from experiencing the moment - right here, right now?"
      • "You might be the only form of Jesus that someone encounters today."

      Inspiration from other sources:

      “We will create the fellowship we crave.” – Rusty Fuller.

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      Never underestimate the power of prayer!
      Send your requests to bhiverecoveryministry@gmail.com to be sent to the BHIVE community and be lifted up.

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