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A Hive, an interdependent people depending on a Loving God, seeking recovery not just from something (addiction), but TO something (purpose).

Program Description

The ultimate goal of The B-Hive is to combine the structure and support of supervised sober living, an emphasis on 12 step recovery from active addiction, and the development of an empowering relationship with a Loving God. We utilize a phase program that provides needed structure and progressive rewards for progressing effort. The B-Hive will assist the client in developing a firm foundation in the recovery process, learn how to maintain this foundation, and share their recovery with those around them. For we are not just trying to recover from something…but to something as well. Recovery is more than not using, more than making meetings, more than sponsorship, more than attending church, more than praying, it is more than any one thing. Recovery is a multiple component process which is most effective when attention and effort are given to all areas under the guidance, support, and direction of a Loving God.

We are not here to convert you to any religion nor to shove religion down your throat. We have simply been called to share a God with you that only wants to show Himself to us, restore us, and Love us. We realize each of us may have past experiences that have shaped our understanding of God, whether it be pro or con. We all have scars, some have blessings, and many a little of both. It is our intent to introduce you to Someone that will accomplish all He has set out to do if you will only give Him a chance. Someone that is far beyond what we’ve been told and far different than the enemy has led us to believe. He is not a religion but Love and that, is what we are after…to grow in and share. For it is Love that will change us and lead us to becoming what we were meant to be and do…what you do after that is your path…

We are not interested in wasting any time nor any opportunity, if an individual is not willing to change. We wish to focus our attention on those who have an expressed desire for a better life and the willingness to seek it. The needs are many and we can help only but a few. So if you think this program is not a good fit, let us know so we can refer you to another one.

Each client needs only to be humble, willing, and open, to follow through with this process.

What do you have to lose?